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Re the SPAH web site.

Web site development and maintenance takes a lot of work. I know because I do it myself, mostly with online harmonica teaching. Details at http://www.harmonicatunes.com/Tony-Eyers-music-web-sites

The SPAH site is very thin, in my view. Not surprising. Running a major site takes serious time and expertise. Organisations like SPAH run on the goodwill of volunteers, who work themselves ragged for the yearly SPAH convention. Payment is essentially nil, thanks often likewise. I've been to SPAH once, in 2005. I take my hat off to the SPAH people and the clubs who run it.

A good model for the SPAH site is the one for their sister organisation in the UK, the National Harmonica League. Its at http://www.harmonica.co.uk <http://www.harmonica.co.uk/> A simple but well organised site, with a great links page. They have a bi monthly magazine, "Harmonica World". I've been contributing since 2008, other contributors include Brendan Power, Steve Shaw and Rob Paparozi. The magazine and much else is run by Roger Trobridge, who donates significant time, effort and expertise to keep it running.

The key aspect of both SPAH and the National Harmonica League is capable individuals who volunteer their time. The same is true for the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, where the top players from the host city (Malaysia in 2012) donate time and formidable organisational expertise to put on a first class event, with several thousand attendees.

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