[Harp-L] Ziggies Famous Sunday Blues Jam

Hey, If you are in the Denver area tonight my band The Blues Allstars will
be hosting our regular Sunday night jam.  Ziggies famous Sunday Night Blues
Jam continues to be recognized as the best in Denver.  Touring pros and
local legends drop in to mix it up with a talented cadre of regulars.
Newbies nervously take the stage for their first taste of glory and get
support and respect.  All players are welcome.

Of course, this jam is very harp-friendly.  There are usually a few
interesting harp rigs you can try.

Here is a sample:


Thanks for reading this, and I hope you can come by sometime.  It ain't
nothin' but fun!

-Rick Davis
The Blues Harp Amps Blog

The Blues Allstars

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