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I have purposely NOT used explicitly descriptive words here since these
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Let me share a little inside baseball about lawsuits and the courthouse.
Guilt and innocence, right and wrong are virtually irrelevant unless the
parties are evenly matched financially.  If there is a "colorable issue"
(and in this case there always is) the simple act of defending will
financially ruin a small venue owner.  If you can't afford to defend the
only other options are to close or give in.  If you give in, they get their
money.  If you close, you serve as an object lesson to other venue owners.
Fear is a very effective marketing tool.  The other side knows this very
well and acts accordingly.  They do what they want and take no prisoners.
And they are very aggressive about hiring "researchers" to visit even very
small venues.  As a matter of fact, I once spotted one at a harp club
meeting held in a restaurant.  He made two or three meetings before giving
up.  Bottom line, take this stuff very seriously.  And, if you want to watch
a poignant and at least partially true story about the  character of "big
music" watch the excellent little Indy film "Crazy."



Bill Kumpe

Tulsa, OK






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