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There is a certain disconnect between being an aspiring musician and the wife of a privacy fanatic. I juggle this as best I can. I make my own choices, but I try to respect my spouse's wishes. One compromise is that I play for live audiences (at open blues jams) using a stage name only. If someone is taking pictures or video, I approach them during a lull and politely say that while I don't want to inhibit their actual picture-taking or recording, I would strongly prefer that they not *publish* any pictures or video of me. So far, no-one has refused.

Some "leakage" is inevitable. I try not to be extreme or make a scene, but I make myself scarce when copious picture-taking/filming is going on. The odds of my being asked to play on stage at a SPAH convention are very low, I would guess, but I would decline if I had to sign a release. Such a requirement would prevent me from presenting a seminar.

Elizabeth (aka "Tin Lizzie")

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Hi, Winslow

I think everyone who presents at SPAH is honored to be chosen/asked. I would simply make "presenter understands and agrees that video and/ or slides of presentation will be made available on the SPAH web site" part of the deal when SPAH signs up presenters in the first place. I'd be shocked if anyone elected NOT to present under those terms.



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