[Harp-L] Blues Jam Listings in Colorado. A tie-in to the SPAH discussion

I've been publishing the free 'Colorado Blues Jam Post' for about six  
years.  This post is electronically delivered once a  month... it contains 
detailed info on the thriving Colorado  blues jam scene, much of which isn't 
available through any other  single source.  All are welcome to subscribe for 
free, just go to  harmonicaplanet.com  Click on the 'Jam Post' tab and then 
enter your  email.  Opt-out is painless if you later decide to leave the list. 
For the list members in Colorado...  The inaugural 'Pot  Luck Blues Jam' at 
the Whiskey River in Greeley is this  coming Thursday Dec, 22.  Weekly 7:30 
- 10:30pm  Visit my  website or subscribe to the Jam Post for the details.
I've observed a correlation between publishing the Jam Post and  the recent 
SPAH campaign dialogue.  As stated I've been writing  the post for six 
years, there are hundreds of subscribers.  During this  time I've had a 
continuous appeal out there for the subscribers to contribute  content and to send 
corrections.  In the entire six years  I've received maybe five or six small 
content  contributions/corrections, a whopping average of one per year!  
Also  a handful of 'thank you' notes, which are always appreciated.  
Keep in mind I do this for free, and that it is very time  consuming.  
Certainly I'm under no obligation whatsoever, yet  I receive substantially more 
hassle than I do help.   Same happens here, people bitch and moan about the 
status quo of SPAH, but  then never actually do something about it.  While 
the recent  exchange of ideas here IS a nod in that direction, it isn't 
enough.   You don't necessarily need to wade in up to your neck, but If you want  
things to change, or to stay the same... then roll up your cuffs  and step 
in at least ankle deep.  The  sometimes uninformed toe dipping I see from  
non-participants isn't really going to get anything done.  
A lot of complaining about SPAH not delivering value.  Some of it  is very 
well reasoned, some seems like complaint for complaints sake  only.  But 
isn't THIS list is in some way a function of  SPAH, it's a tangible perk for 
members and non-members alike that seems to have  been overlooked in this 
discussion.  Clarifications welcome if  I'm wrong.
It's easy to take shots from the outside, so even though I might  do some 
things differently, I still applaud the efforts &  sacrifices of all the 
current and past SPAH boards.  I say  bravo to Winslow for his willingness to 
take on the challenges  and responsibilities of the SPAH presidency.  And I 
say bravo  to Bob and Warren for wanting to do the same from a different  
position.  I hope the debate stays civil and continues beyond the  election.
Christopher Richards
www. harmonicaplanet.com 

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