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Hi harp-lers,
I'm the new SPAH Web Content Manager.   No doubt other SPAH Board folk read harp-l as well and will be taking notes.  Thanks for the suggestions.  For years now, both the editor of the magazine and the webmaster have asked the harmonica community at large to submit content to either media.  It doesn't appear that the harmonica community responded for whatever reasons.   Two SPAH volunteers, who also have real lives cannot do it all, as much as they may love the harmonica.  Are you willing to input 50 years of SPAH data into an archive?  Every harmonica player might benefit from such a treasure trove of harmonica history.  But let's face it, volunteerism has limits.  
On the positive side,  I'm the next one who will try to hit up the harmonica community to submit content to the SPAH website, which by the way will also soon be going through some technical enhancements to make it more user friendly.  
So, I'm open to content ideas and even better, content.  You can reach me at mwewers@xxxxxxxxxx .    
Manfred Wewers
SPAH Convention Seminar Coordinator (if you want to present one in Texas in 2012, let me know)
& now as well,
SPAH Web Content Manager (how did I get myself into this fix?)

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