[Harp-L] Politics and Blues Harp

Statements and attitudes are being attributed to me that I really don't
hold.  For example, I have no "rage" over this issue.  Nor do I condone
censorship per se.  I have nothing against people who voice their
legitimately held beliefs through their art even if I disagree with them.  I
do reserve the right to choose whom I associate with and will not spend good
money or time supporting an artist that goes out of his way to insult me.
And, I reserve the right to abstain from being around what I perceive to be
unnecessarily coarse, vulgar or intentionally insulting expression.  If an
artist takes a political or social position that is reasonably calculated to
offend people of my faith or political persuasion, then they should not
expect my support.  You can't have it both ways.  The closest thing I get to
anger over this whole situation is directed toward artists who neither know
nor care anything about the issues but choose to make inane remarks to a
captive audience to try to appear cool or suck up to someone whom they
believe can help them.  Those people do not deserve presence in my life even
on a recording and I usually vote with my feet, even in the middle of a


Mandatory harp content, IMHO you can't go too far wrong just sticking the
harp in your mouth and making good music.  The more harp you play the less
likely you are to say stupid things you may regret later.


Bill Kumpe

Christian Civil Rights Attorney

Tulsa, OK

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