[Harp-L] Deifik on Spotify - maybe you, too

My collection "Music For Small Audience" is available for free listens on Spotify. If you're on Spotify (highly recommended) and you're at all interested, search on my name and it'll come right up.

The weird thing is that when I found it, on my own computer, it was the only music I've ever heard on Spotify that was really messed up. The song order was wrong and the music, um, skips. Like it's vinyl, which it most certainly is not.

I have tried it on several other computers and it works just fine.

I have my theories about why this is - I've seen trucks for Annoy Deifik Incorporated rolling around the neighborhood - but it should not happen on most Spotify accounts.

If anyone does listen, you'll either hear it properly, or you'll hear almost constant skipping from the start. I'd appreciate a report back off list whether it skips or not.

But much as I love promoting my music, I'd like to suggest the following to everyone who has a publicly available collection, or a few for that matter, see if you're on Spotify. CD Baby sent them my music without my even asking - I'm delighted with that. If you don't have a free Spotify account, go to spotify.com and set one up.

Then please let the list know that we can hear you there, and also see if your music skips on your home computer.

There's not much money in getting played on Spotify. I've gotten several penny royalty statements through CD Baby.

You will still have to make your back end from sales at gigs.

Here's to back end.

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