[Harp-L] Hoehner MB cover nail patterns

I'll try this again.


I've been setting up a  workstation for repairing my MB harps and before I
get too obsessed I need to understand how Hoehner mfg's the MB.

Are any  fixtures used to assemble the covers to the rail/comb assy?

I'm thinking probably not just based on the evident variables of :

 nailhole pattern when viewed with the covers off.

 Varying distance and angle of the covers to the rail ends.


Right now I'm simply reworking each harp to be able to disassemble and
reassemble itself  so I:

 drill through existing cover nailholes with a 0.090 for clearance of 2-56

 pop 4 of the 8 cover nails and drill 2 holes

 use 2 spare 090 drills as guide pins and finish the other 4 holes

 continue the task of drilling 1-76 tapholes indexed from the lower rail and
through the rail/com/rail sandwich and then clearance holes through the


but there would be no guarantee of compatability between harps.


the variability got me to thinking that I might use a old rail as the drill
guide and drill the covers separately off the assembly with the guide.


So, I guess the question is still if anyone has knowledge of "fixturing" in
use at factory or is it simply trained eye with variablilty?





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