[Harp-L] SPAH and Clubs

I was a leader of one of those failing harmonica clubs.  Every year I was provided with the opportunity by SPAH to attend the President's Breakfast at the convention to meet the other leaders of the clubs and raise questions and concerns.  A wonderful opportunity to meet and then to exchange ideas and thoughts throughout the rest of the year-a great network.  I was also called at some time by an individual from SPAH whose function was to liaise with all the clubs and was offered guidance and assistance if I needed it.  Volunteerism is what it is and the role was not continued.  However, the job still gets done.  This year, in my present SPAH seminar coordinator role, I have had 2 requests for information on how to start a club.  They were referred on to the SPAH Board and the appropriate contacts and referrals were made. 
Manfred Wewers ex-leader of a club.

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