Re: [Harp-L] Politics and Blues Harp

For my money a lot of blues players and indeed harp players will be liberal and I would say left wing , but they probably don't shout about it on stage because its not the place.however i quite like the occasional reference to politics if it should so happen. Hardly ever I would guess. 
Let's not forget that historically the blues deals with socio economic conditions and life's struggle day to day, 
I'd be interested to know how much political persuasion effects a harp players  sound sub consciously?  
Sugar blue once played through my amp and signed the back of it after the gig. It reads 'play it like ya live' 

Spot on I'd say

I'd like to add though that I'm in the UK and base my experience on the harp players I know as being working class and more than likely left wing. Also that the Christian right are not common place on the UK blues scene. 

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It's interesting that you should bring this up. 
I for one don't care music is music. 

But I know a few teens that play and love Christian Rock, And the other day I was thinking would they be interested in playing Christian Blues. 

I love all kinds of music and feel strongly that one should never abandon one kind or another. 

Music is an art of pure love. 

Abner GaldÃs

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> I am a born again Christian, politically conservative, blues fan.  There are
> a lot of us.  We just don't talk about it.  There is a tendency among some
> in the performing arts to adopt the attitudes of and inject into their
> performances whatever they perceive to be the current political/social
> zeitgeist.  That is a terrible mistake.  While nobody begrudges a performer
> their honest expression of their views on any subject through their art, the
> self-serving agenda of many performers is obvious and that degrades the art.
> I flee political correctness, especially the self-serving genre, and will
> not pay good money to support performers who inject it into what is supposed
> to be entertainment.  I am a social and political conservative and my money
> tends to follow my beliefs.  While I never inquire into the politics of any
> performer, the first time they force PC or liberal orthodoxy upon me in a
> performance, I walk, if need be in the middle of the performance, and never
> support them again.  
> Bill Kumpe
> Tulsa, OK  

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