[Harp-L] Blues Harp and Politics

It had to happen...  Blues harp has been injected into the political season:


Blues Harp Player And His Occupy-Inspired Super PAC ‘Riding The Coattails’
Of Stephen Colbert


"Besides Bailey, the only other hint of who is involved in the group comes
in the form of an email address for one Bob Stannard at a
 (http://bobstannard.com/) promoting his blues stylings, where one review
calls him “One of Vermont’s greatest Blues harp players.”

Stannard, Bailey said, “is a former legislator in the state of Vermont back
in the early 80s and he’s been a lobbyist on a number of issues,” most
recently working on closing a nuclear power plant. “He kind of bought the
idea to the table to us and we’ve been working with him to shape it, and
we’ll be providing all of the consulting on this particular effort.”

-Rick Davis
The Blues Harp Amps Blog

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