[Harp-L] SPAH suggestion....

I've loved this organization, having been on the BOD for 3 years and actually been behind the scenes for another year previous to my Secretary position

Many successful concepts were developed and proven during my involvement. Granted, the existing BOD was a little skeptical regarding the changes/improvements at first, but every year that the concepts proved successful, they loosened their fear of something new.

Between 1996 and 2000, what worked as far as the convention is concerned and also added $$$$ to the coffer was structuring a few of the shows in a more professional manner and opening them up to the general public via promotions on local radio/tv/newspapers in the area, charging admission...The 1998 Blues Blow Off was packed with folk from in and around Detroit paying $10/head to watch Curtis Salgado, Kim Wilson, Jerry Portnoy, Steve Baker, and other guests. The 1999 Toots Jazz Concert in St. Louis brought in a roomful of local folk paying (I believe ) $20 admission. This show was heavily promoted on the jazz station there and money was invested in having their jazz DJ as Master of Ceremonies for the concert.

Very successful.

Also, we had semi pro video taping of many of the shows which were then sold through SPAH. Not only did this recoup the initial investment, but also added $$$$ in profits.

I'm still a fan of the Saturday Night Swing Dance that saw a lot of the older members out on the floor with looks on their faces of younger days. It was a great social event and a change from sitting all week watching stuff.

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