Fwd: [Harp-L] Discussing SPAH

On Dec 13, 2011, at 6:39 PM, Winslow Yerxa wrote:

> Let me take up Warren's use of words like "inclusive" and "exclusive."  These words carry the implication that someone is deliberately excluding someone else.

Not really. The pejorative implications about which you speak are in fact inferences that derive from a blind spot relating to SPAH's identity rather than explicit or implicit meanings intended by either Warren or me. Our point right now, as a practical matter, SPAH = the convention and the convention = SPAH. This by definition, owing to the cost of admission, is exclusionary, and arguably elitist.

Neither Warren nor I want to change the convention. Rather we want to build additions onto the house of SPAH, as it were. It won't take much to get the ball rolling. I've already had encouraging conversations with several vendors about providing incentives to join SPAH. In fact, those initiatives were discussed with both the current president and the board on which you sit. The suggestions were summarily rebuffed by all but Jp. In fact there isn't a single position on the board devoted to growing the membership and reaching out to the greater harmonica community.

As I've said numerous time. I like the convention just as it is. In fact, if I win, I hope to retain the crew who produces it--as you know since I personally extended you an offer to stay on as Entertainment Director. Why? Because you all do a great job putting on the convention.

Warren and I want to make SPAH more than it is. And yes, it will take resources that may challenge the current organizational structure.  But without a vision and strong intentions to pursue expansion and inclusion we will simply wither on the vine and eventually we'll go the way of Buckeye.


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