[Harp-L] re: Discussing SPAH (final thoughts...for this year)

There has been no mention about changing the current convention
structure. If working towards adding more value to membership,
creating opportunities to participate in SPAH's advancing and
preserving the harmonica from home via the Internet and growing the
membership numbers are unreasonable goals for some then so be it.

Anyone that doesn't understand the concept that an organization that
only has one event/function per year and the cost to participate
excludes some from entry so be it.

We all are entitled to our opinions.  All that are eligible can vote
accordingly. I just hope that before "pulling the lever" selfishness
for  personal wants takes a backseat to the ultimate goal at hand:
preserving and advancing the harmonica for ALL.  There is no other
organization that I know of that takes on this task head on.  I
believe that SPAH has a responsibility to be all that it can be.
Currently SPAH  is an incredibly well crafted quarterly publication
(JP Pagan is one of my hero's) that sadly lacks consistent "meaty"
content (not JP's job) and a four day convention. I believe that the
harmonica world deserves an effort to provide more for more

I served on the SPAH board of directors for 3 years.  I saw how
business is currently being carried out from the inside. Great people,
great intentions, lot's of hard work.  Bottom line is that any
business no matter how noble the purpose and it's leaders are, needs
to GROW.  If you ain't growin' your dyin'.  I love the harmonica and
the people that play them.  I would hate to think that I coulda woulda
shoulda a few years down the road.

One more time....Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!

Warren Bee

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