[Harp-L] Spah Elections etc

So yes it is my territory and please refrain from commenting on the
appropriateness of a post on the list.  Interestingly this also includes
reminding others that their post expressing concern for a thread's content
was off topic.  Let it alone and either write the orignal poster privately
or drop me a line.

SPAH Elections, an acceptable topic for some limited time but please do
not continue to delve into the meta of all of this.  Hard to do because
the discussion is about the meta of SPAH.  I guess I'll stress that it's
necessary to stay very wide of anything that could be construed as a
personal attack.  not to say that confrontational is off limits because it
isn't.  Confronting an issue in and of itself is not a bad thing. By the
way if you put something out there on harp-l expect that people are going
to read it and possibly react to it,  harp-l-listowner

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