Re: [Harp-L] 1950's 64 Chromonica

I have restored an old 64 with a broken comb.  However, your description isn't sufficiently clear for me to give email advice.  If you made an inquiry on Slidemeister, they would allow you to post photographs which could make your problem much clearer. There are many chromatic experts there who would offer advice. could send pictures directly to me.

You seem to have done the difficult job of removing the long nails/pins that connect the plates but are stymied by a screw which should be easy to remove.  

You should not expect to get a good response from any hole involved with the comb break because air will leak out of the split and perhaps over into an adjacent hole..  The slide could be leaky.  The broken comb could cause a misalignment that allows leakage under the slide.

Hold the harp up to a light and see if there is space under the slide.

The harp that I repaired was a family heirloom and had sentimental value.  When it was done, I made a CD of songs that were in the genre of the original owner and sent it along with the harp to the family.  You are undertaking a do-able but difficult restoration.  It may not be worth your time for the intrinsic value of the harp.  On the other hand, you may enjoy the challenge.  It will be your decision.

On Dec 13, 2011, at 2:53 AM, tom cox wrote:

> Hi 
> I stumbled across a 1950s 64 chromonica in my local antiques shop, bagged it for 25 quid. Its in pretty good shape considering it age. I'm convinced it was once played by Little Walter. (joke)anyway I have cleaned it up and noticed that when the mouth piece slider etc are off the harp and I play it directly on the comb it plays like a dream, however once i reassemble it, it doesn't respond as it does unassembled. I don't understand this, can anyone explain why this would be?
> Also i tried to completely take off the reed plates but noticed once i had taken all the pins out that the comb is in two parts and also there is a screw holding the two plates together. I don't know how to dismantle this and am a bit worried about damaging this old beauty. 
> any advice and heads up would be great 
> regards Tom 		 	   		  

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