Re: [Harp-L] perfect pitch

Perfect Pitch IS a real blessing, particularly when a band one is  playing 
with tell you that the music for a tune is in one particular  key, and it 
isn't, or when playing in front of an audience in a duo, with a  synth 
keyboard player who selects an unexpected key for a tune without  meaning to, by 
accidentally pressing "transpose".... It is less of a  blessing when 
performing with "musicians" who constantly play out of tune  and do not even notice 
it.... Or when one has to sit through a karaoke   session, or listen to some 
of those  less able "talent show singers" on  TV, when most people in the 
room do not notice that the performer is 20 to  50 cents out of tune with the 
backing music....
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Just now, in South Africa.
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robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Of you who have perfect pitch, are you blessed or cursed with it?  Your
experience, please?

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