[Harp-L] SPAH Election

As has been announced recently, Bob Cohen is running for SPAH
President next year.  I have known Bob for over five years now. We
actually "connected" for the first time via Harp-L when I needed some
business assistance back then.  I am proud to be on the ticket as
Bob's vice presidential choice.  I plan on keeping
uncharacteristically quiet for a while and will let Bob set the
agenda.  I just have a few things to say today and then I will sit
back until the election approaches in late Winter/early Spring.

1)  I only have positive things to say about Winslow Yerxa.  His
harmonica "cred" is over the top!  His passion and intentions are as
positive as can be.  I wish him well in the process of seeing who will
lead SPAH for the start of another 50 year run!

2)  My goals are very simple when it comes to SPAH.  I would like to
see the organization become more INCLUSIVE and less EXCLUSIVE.  I
would like to see that anyone on this planet who has any level of love
for our dear instrument finds open arms and a positive resource 365
days a year with SPAH.  Membership that provides real benefits at an
affordable price for ALL.  Regardless of playing level,  harmonica of
choice or personal goals. Enthusiastic fans who don't even play the
instrument should want to join the club. Besides PRESERVING &
ADVANCING the HARMONICA I believe that SPAH can also be an "IN THE
MOMENT" organization.  The pros and vendors can benefit from the
exposure to sell their performances/wares and the amateur's can
benefit from the ultimate "connection" with like minded souls.

3)  I understand that all of the desires in my heart for SPAH will not
happen on the "fast track".  I just believe that the "road map" of
SPAH needs to be updated.  Much has changed since the early 1960's
when things got started. It's time to roll up our collective sleeves
and blaze a new trail that honors the past, embraces the future and
insures that our "machines" continue to put miles of smiles on faces
throughout this wonderful world we live in.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!

Warren Bee for VP!

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