[Harp-L] BLUES ASIA TV: focus on Howard Levy

Our activities out here in Asia are expanding, and we now offer weekly
hour-long online, on-demand shows on BLUES ASIA TV, covering the blues all
over Asia and the Pacific.  You can easily watch it on your tablet,
smartphone or even your TV, if you have a proper set-top box.  The video is
accompanied by a list of timed show segments so that viewers to jump around
to sections of most interest.

Recently, we had the rare opportunity of sitting down with international
music producer John Ferreira, who happens to be a good friend of Howard
Levy.  Planning out my show a day in advance, I suggested to John that we
do a special DOUBLE-FEATURE, getting to know Ferreira and why he is
intrigued with the Asian music scene and taking an in-depth look at Levy.
John replied that he would contact Howard overnight to get permission to
replay some of his best video material.  Howard immediately consented
[thanks, Howard!] -- and we did what I think is an amazing show.  Not only
do we see some of the best of Howard's work, we also get some
"behind-the-scenes" tales about Howard.  The show is available at:


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Or, visit our YouTube Channel, and subscribe to it.  We are hoping that
this show will bring more Asian harmonica players to look at the diatonic
as a serious and capable instrument.

*Thomas "Tomcat" Colvin*


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