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You might do better in that situation to cover all rhe songs on chromatic. One harp fits all when it comes to most church music.Â

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In that case...I agree. AND I have a delima:

I play with blues bands and like a particular JI setup. But I also play regularly in a church group whos leader has a Grammy for composing and plays piano and he and his wife have a dozen dove awards....10 piece orch + 8 piece band including the piano player (just to give ya an idea of the scope here). 12TET LOs OOB seem to work better in that setting as opposed to a 4 to 8 piece blues band where I like my JI setup.

It just so happens that the trumpet player (Jeff Perkins) is always digging at me about being out of tune (it's a playful joke between us and goes both ways)

The delima: I dont like carrying around and managing 100 harmonicas. 


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> Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Pitch and timbre
> Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2011 13:09:19 -0500
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> Buck,
> Of course i am assuming the horns/horns ARE playing in tune.
> As far as my harmonicas are concerned, personally, I ONLY play ET 
> harps because I think anything else makes me sound out of tune with 
> other musicians. Most of my playing is with other musicians. I 
> usually play Suzuki Hammonds or Quicksilver custom GMs. Hammonds are 
> tuned to A442 OOB and i have Mike Fugazzi tune my customs to A442. 
> Based on experience, I find that playing pure ET 442 puts me in tune 
> with the other musicians who are tuned to A440. (As you probably 
> know, harps tend to depress in pitch a little when played due to 
> breath pressure).
> So, by playing ONLY ET A442 I am able to eliminate the variables on 
> my end. if the horn player is out of tune, the bandleader will 
> usually deal with that. So, for me, it doesn't seem all that subjective.
> JP
> On Dec 10, 2011, at 12:49 PM, Buck Worley wrote:
> > But what if the horn is out of tune? Plus some harps ie Lee Oskars 
> > and Hohner Golden Melodys are A441 or even A442 and 12 Tone Equal 
> > Tempered intonation while Marine Bands and others popular diatonics 
> > are some type of Just Intonation ie 7-Limit or 19 Limit et al. This 
> > is so subjective that I have to disagree with your statement.
> >
> > Respectfully,
> >
> > BW
> >
> > > To: harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx
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> > > Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011 11:42:20 -0500
> > > Subject: [Harp-L] Pitch and timbre
> > >
> > > For me, the acid test of good pitch and timbre on a diatonic is when
> > > i am working with a horn player or horn players and play lines in
> > > unison with the horn/horns.. If my intonation matches the horn 
> > and my
> > > timbre provides a good tonal blend, i feel like I'm doing okay.
> > >
> > > FWIW
> > >
> > > JP

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