[Harp-L] Hohner Professional 2016 CBH for sale

Hi folks, just to alert you to a rare event - I'm selling a 
Rare Hohner Professional 2016 CBH Chromatic Harmonica in key of C

on Ebay right now. And also a set of reedplates for it on a separate listing.


Here's the blurb...
Hohner CBH 2016 Professional (Cham-Ber Huang) chromatic harmonica in key of C, almost mint condition.
Almost mint – there a couple of bits of writing that are missing but you’d hardly notice. This is stock from a collection started in the 1970s. Looks like it's hardly been played, and has been properly tested by us and plays like new, although you can see from the design it’s not brand new.
We are also auctioning separately a set of brand new reed plates for the CBH 2016 (see ebay item number 110789852395, just put this number in the ebay search bar)

This is a precision instrument developed by Hohner's collabaration with harmonica expert Cham-Ber Huang in the 1970's
The following was said at the time
"While retaining the hand-tuned bronze reeds traditionally associated with Hohner, the body, slide assembly, mouthpiece and face plates of this harmonica are all injection molded in "Delrin" acetal resin. What's more, it's these molded components that are responsible for the special benefits of this model -- the fastest playing speed ever attained on a harmonica, smoother slider action and quick response, added volume and resonance.

Outstanding features of the "CBH" and probably the most important of its 18 patented innovations are (1) a half-round, non-stick slide of "Delrin" AF, a resin containing "Teflon" TFE fibers for high resistance to abrasion and wear, and (2) molded-in resonating chambers -- 16 on each side of the harmonica body, 32 in all -- which take advantage of the dimensional stability of glass-filled "Delrin" 570.

Notched, half-round slide, molded to a tolerance of .001 inch in "Delrin" AF, was designed to glide freely in the groove atop the body of the Hohner "CBH" harmonica, yet eliminate air leakage between chambers. When the spring-return plunger is depressed -- as in the hands of inventor Cham-Ber Huang -- lever (arrow) moves slide to channel air against reeds that sound sharps or flats.

The new instrument is the product of a 40-year love affair that began when Huang purchased a "Marine Band" in his native Shanghai." 

Good luck!

Many thanks

Ben Hewlett
01454 881 089
07973 284 366

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