Re: [Harp-L] Use of Vox VT-15 for blues harp?

On 12/04/2011 01:31 PM, Allen Goldberg wrote:
Hello, brand new to this group as of 1 day ago. Question- Does anyone in
this group own a Vox VT-15 guitar amp that they use for playing blues harp?
If so, what are all the settings you use? I have this amp slightly over 1
year and used it for 2 practices. Lots of feedback and tons of experimenting
to get warm bluesy sound. Had friend who builds amps, help me yesterday with
new settings. Curious if I am the only person who has this amp for playing
blues harmonica! Thanks. Allen

i play through a vox vt-30, and love it. my favorite is the ac30hh amp model
with a little delay or tape echo effect. also sounds great with the chorus effect.
settings are more or less like this:

also, try the same settings, but with the chorus effect instead of delay.
sounds cool, and really cuts through the mix.  an example of this setting
is here:

harp solo starts around 2:45.

i also made up presets using the "boutique od" and "super 4x10" models.

one warning: do NOT try to use the builtin artist presets, unless you're fond
of shrieking howling feedback at any volume level. stick to manual mode
or make up your own presets based on manual experiments.

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