[Harp-L] Re: Harp-L Digest, Vol 100, Issue 14

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We all need to practice playing in tune regardless of the techniques we

Rob Paparozzi
well said.

and never let being in tune with a tuner be a substitiute for being In Tune with others in the moment.
that is to say, you can be "right" and wrong at the same time.

our goal as players at times is to be skillful enough to do what we can to make those around us sound in tune and together.....

there must be a word for those who insist on being in tune technically while being out of tune with those around them....

wonder what it is.

I've been in way too many sessions where someone was out of tune with everyone else and says "But I'm right in tune with
my tuning machine"

It's pretty hard to practice playing in tune alone.

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