[Harp-L] Really weird overtone question/mystery

Maybe I am totally crazy, but I swear I hear a sort of octave below the
note effect resonating in my ears/head on higher keyed harps.  I don't have
any hard evidence of this being audible to others, although I swear that
sound showed up on a solo I was trying to record on an E harp in the studio.

Anybody else experience anything like this when playing?  I think I hear
it/feel it on the middle and upper octave of E harps all the time and for
sure on some of the higher blow bends on a D harp.

I am familiar with making an extra note sound by cupping really tight, and
this is different.  It is literally like my body is creating an octave down
sorta reverby thing. I can hear and feel it all the time now that I am
aware of it.
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