Re: [Harp-L] Self Indulgent me music

Bob Hennessy wrote:
<I love blues,  jazz, pop, world, country but what I love most is dance  
<music. So when left alone to write I generally begin with a basic  
<groove and try to keep it interesting. These are my two latest forays  
<into that effort. I'm not a traditionalist but try too use the "tools"  
<from the music I love to keep a connection. In the end though it  
<really is just self indulgent me music that you can dance to!
<Aqua Whoa
<Gitcha Goomy

Listening to Aqua Whoa now, the harp work is topnotch, cool sound, cool ideas, well played, not too busy but enough flash to let you know that the harp player has power in reserve.  The backing track is a little mechanical, presumably a drum machine and synth setup, but it comes together when the harp enters.  (I have the same problem with some of my pieces--it takes a lot of time and effort to make a synthesized rhythm section breathe.) This piece is worth recording with a live rhythm section.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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