[Harp-L] Anybody teach Chromatic on Long Island?

Hello all,

Do any of you give chromatic harmonica lessons on Long Island?

I can play chrom in the George Smith/Rod Piazza/William Clarke style, but I'd really like to learn to play some jazz and other stuff, starting with Stevie Wonder and Paul deLay's really interesting chromatic playing.

I've been thinking about taking lessons on-line from one of you on the list, but I really don't have access to a computer at home during any time when the kids aren't sleeping. So making noise (skype-ing and playing) at home are kind of out of the question for at least the next few years. So I would prefer to find a teacher and then go take lessons from them.


William Lifford, CP Progressive O&P, Inc. 1111 Willis Avenue Albertson, NY 11507 516-338-8585 www.progoandp.com

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