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I think most people have an issue with timbre more than the actual
pitch of the note, but that is another theory for a much longer post
(basically, even when in tune, the overbend has a different timbre
than a non-bent note...but so do all the traditional bends!).
However, the pitch piece rings true as well.

Bottom line is just because you can doesn't mean you should.  Some
keys and harmonica types work better for a song than others.  You
should pick what sounds best.

On Dec 6, 8:32 pm, EGS1...@xxxxxxx wrote:
> SO agree, Rob and Mike...and I'd rather hear trad blues played  emotively
> and newer overblows which don't bother my extremely sensitive  ears at all
> than those harmonica players who stick to one diatonic  regardless of the
> song, somehow thinking that if the note isn't there they'll  simply play another
> completely wrong note instead. That's far worse than  sounding slightly out
> of tune. <G> A famous (and somehow very popular)  German player comes to
> mind. His videos were posted here some time back.   He's certainly not alone
> though, youtube is rife with players who do this.
> IF one can't bend, overblow, switch off to another keyed diatonic or
> half-valve to get 'the' note, then a chromatic would seem to be the easier
> solution.
> There's nothing grates on MY ears more than an entire well-known song
> played with many of the key notes missed or skipped over completely. It wouldn't
>  be considered acceptable from a pianist or any other instrument, why do
> diatonic  players seem to get a pass?
> Elizabeth
> PS: Not talking about improv-ing; that's an entirely different
> style/process.
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> Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2011 18:57:59 -0500
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> Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Re: Chromatic  and Diatonic - Understanding Music
> Theory?
> To: "Mike Fugazzi"  <mikefuga...@xxxxxxxxx>, <har...@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Excellent Point  Mike Fugazzi and totally true!,-) I know players on both
> perfectly tuned  Diatonic & Chromatic harps that play out of tune with and
> without  overblows.
> We all need to practice playing in tune regardless of the  techniques we
> employ!
> best,
> Rob Paparozzi
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> Subject: [Harp-L] Re: Chromatic and Diatonic - Understanding Music  Theory?
> > Rick,
> > Does traditonal blues sound out of  tune to you? Rarely do player hit
> > any of the traditional bends intune.  Nor are they playing ET
> > instruments...heck, often the greats had  instruments tuned to 7LI
> > which, when played against ET pitches at A=440  are terribly out of
> > tune.
> > On Dec 6, 4:55  pm, "Rick Dempster" <rick.demps...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> So,  Mike, if you have perfect pitch, how does the new generation of
> >>  incredibly amazing overblow players strike you?
> >> To me, it all sounds  out of tune, no matter how competent the player.
> >>  RD

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