Re: [Harp-L] Needle Files

I endorse Joe's popsicle stick sanders. 

Joe, I didn't realize you had a 3-grit system; I use 600 and that's all; but I also use the Lee Oskar file which I find very useful for rough work, and a couple of other tools as I see fit.


> Or, lol, a small set from Home Depot will suffice. After all, we're talking brass here. As long as you don't let the 'tips' load up, you're good to go.
> I (personally) use slips a lot. I take enough popsicle sticks to fill a 1" (25.4mm) clamp. I coat the edges with contact cement, then slam them down on a piece of 80/280/1000 emory paper, place a personal watercraft battery on them and next day I slit them apart with an razor blade. Thrn I cut the ends on a 45 angle. As the paper loads up, I snip off the wood with side cutters.
> Assuming a tuning of one complete note (100 cents),  I use the 80 for the first 50 cents of tuning, the 280 for the next 30 cents, and the 1000 for the fine tuning. 
> You could also use a file for the first 80 cents if careful, and adjust as you go. I got my files when I went to Kay's jewelry store to buy a ring. Asked the jeweler if he had any junk files and burrs he could let go for a song. He proceeded to empty his drawer. Most of the files were badly worn and loaded up on the tips. After a soak in turpentine and having to snap the tips off of several to get to clean hatch, I was salad. 
> smo-joe  (btw, that name is Grobet America. A Swiss firm actually..kind go with the hardware store..and 'smo-joe-slips'. 

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