Re: [Harp-L] Couch surfing - Harp-L style

Two guys stayed w/ me for one of Jason Ricci's Rockers in the Rockies 

Thanks Jerry, 

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It is happening in an unofficial sence already. 

Years ago I stayed with Jerome Blaine while in Amsterdam and we've remained friends - all through Harp-L communication. 

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I also have nice accommodations for any Harp-L'ers visiting Philadelphia. 
I bet we could come up with a sort of "couch surfing" (although I have two 
spare bedrooms so it is not a couch) list of those willing to host and 
those looking to stay somewhere other than an expensive hotel while 

Harp players are a small, but growing, tight knit community so I am sure 
there are others, like me, willing to trade a place to stay in exchange 
for a jam, hot lick or tip. If the group thinks a list of Harp-L'ers 
willing to host colleagues is a good idea, I can start a google group with 
locations and contact information. Simply send to me directly at 



Drew MacFadyen 

As many of you know, one of Michael Polesky's most endearing qualities 
was his hospitality. Whenever any harmonica player was in town and needed 
someplace to stay, or just wanted to drop by and jam, Michael's door was 
always open. Damien, Slideman, Winslow, Bobbi, and many others know what 
I'm talking about. In that regard, I would like to endeavor to do my 
small part to help fill the gap that his passing has left. So you 
harp-l'ers please drop me a line whenever you happen to be passing 
through L.A. 

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