Re: [Harp-L] Lessons from Michael Polesky, pt 2

I am sorry if I did not make myself clear.

I did not for a moment mean to suggest or imply that Michael Polesky's posts were somehow "not worth" the bandwidth needed to post them here. But in addition to posting them here, I wanted to suggest that it might also be worth having them available in static form on the web site. There are probably all kinds of gems in the archives that I will never read because I don't know to search for the right thing. Future newcomers to Harp-L might not know to search the archive for 'Michael Polesky', but might benefit from finding those posts in some helpful area of the SPAH website. We can have it all, if the administrator of the SPAH web site thinks its worthwhile to include that material. Mailing list, newsletter, web site... the choices are not mutually exclusive.


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Subject: Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Lessons from Michael Polesky, pt 2

Michael Polesky was an original Harp-l owner and revered within the
Harmonica community so his writings (despite their length) very much belong here
and in the harp-l archives to be accessed by those who think it special and
wonderful to 'hear' his voice again. It was so Michael in how he phrased
everything. Such fun, as well as exemplifying his incredible and unique
grasp of music. Kudos to Bob McGraw for posting them.

In the past posts have been picked up from harp-l submissions and reissued
as Harmonica Happening 'articles' and that might be a strong possibility
as a tribute to Michael if Bob wishes to make them available in that format,
but the bandwidth used for Michael's writings and take on music is
definitely more than worth it to those of us who loved him so much.


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