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The secret to blow bends, draw bends, overblows, and great harmonica tone and volume is resonance. You need to tune your mouth, throat, etc., to the note you're playing. Low notes, large embouchure. High notes, very small embouchure, with your tongue pressed up against the roof of the mouth like it was the last lifeboat out of the Titanic, with just enough room for air to pass. When you're resonant, the note will become much louder, almost as if it's exploding inside your head.

I've taught many otherwise good harmonica players to play resonantly. Without exception, every one of them was amazed the first time they achieved resonance, despite my forewarning them. The most often used word was, "...WOW!!! "

By adding valves to all bendable notes (1-6 draw, 7-10 blow) and using resonance, I'm able to bend every reed, blow and draw, every hole. Valved bends require resonance. All of my notes are naturally consistent, and sound alike unless I choose otherwise. All of my different brand and model harmonicas sound alike, regardless of comb material.

Of course, I can back up my claims. I have a lot of songs on, soundclick,com, etc. Google "ironman mike curtis". All of my recordings are live and single takes.

If you're a glutton for punishment and/or hate cats, I also have a live 2 hour 20 minute video, 36 meg, of me singing and playing harmonica (racked), guitar, and organ bass pedals.. I programmed drums on an Alesis SR-16. The picture is awful (maybe my face broke the camera?) The sound is good. I can email it. Ideally, I'd like to find someone willing to host it and make it available. If you like it and have a buck or two, I could *really* use it - but it's strictly voluntary.

-Mike Curtis

On 11/23/2011 2:43 PM, Rick Dempster wrote:
Just stick with it! You'll get there.

Kevin Hamilton<kham27@xxxxxxxxx> 23/11/2011 16:14>>>
Can anyone offer some advice?

I'm learning to blow bend the high notes and everytime I try to sustain the
blow it comes out to normal blow. The 8 blow bend is no problem but the 9
and 10 I can't successfully sustain.

Any suggestions/tips.


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