Re: [Harp-L] Harp-L IV compilation

I did the compilations for V and VI.  I have some of the discs kicking around. However, it makes sense to put these into MP3 format.  Each compilation I made is a 2-CD set.  


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Bein's as we are in the Age of the Internets, seems like it would make 
ense to create a YouTube or Reverbnation channel (or something similar) 
o host this.  I dunno if putting it on CDBaby would make sense or not. 
 Of course, the tricky part is finding a benevolent host to manage this 
nd willing to turn it over when they depart.  The other tricky part is 
andling the royalty payments for people who choose to do covers.
On 11/30/2011 09:12 AM, William Lifford, CP wrote:
 Hello all,

 Bruce Ritter asked: /"This sounds like there was a compilation disk of
 Harp-L players sometime before I got on the list? Is it still available?"/

 Emile D'Amico had replied:/"The last one turned out to be a scam.
 Someone named scorcher took our money and our tunes."/

 *To this I respond:*
 A long, long time ago, Harp-L used to produce a compilation of members
 playing, in the interest of us all getting to know each other better and
 getting to hear each other. I believe it was Mike Will (MyQuill) who
 produced the first three compilations on cassette. They were a lot of
 fun and there was lots of cool, interesting submissions.

 I produced "Harp-L IV: The H Files", which turned out to be a 3-CD
 compilation and it was a big success. Not financially, mind you... I
 lost a ton of money on it! But everyone got their CD's and no one got
 scammed. I was amazed at the variety and quality of the submissions and
 I loved doing the project. I mentioned this compilation when talking
 about Michael Polesky because he had submitted tunes for the compilation.

 Harp-L-V was also a big success... I didn't produce this one but
 everyone as far as I know got their 2-disc set.
 Somebody else also produced an MP3 CD of the first Harp-L compilations,
 which I have a copy of as well.

 I think the one "scorcher" was associated with was Harp-L volume 6. I
 know pretty much nothing about it.

 *_IF ANYONE WANTS A COPY OF HARP-L 1,2,3,4, or 5: _ *I'd be happy to
 make you a copy, but I'd prefer somebody help me load these things onto
 a webpage so that people could just download them (perhaps as .zip
 files) rather than me having to burn CDs and mail the CDs to them. (I
 should warn you that even my master copy of Harp-L IV has some skips and
 sound problems, but you can still enjoy most of the music.)

 I'd also be willing to help with ongoing Harp-L compilations in the
 future if we could develop some sort of FREE download system so that no
 money is involved and that I don't have to deal with mailing out
 individual CDs (which I just don't have time to do). I'd only be willing
 to do it if _no money was involved_, so that there are no hard feelings

 Let me know Harp-L,

 Bill Lifford

eth Galitzer
he beatings will continue until morale has improved.

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