[Harp-L] Website back up

I put my website back up tonight. I still have a number of orders to ship but I'm at a point where I can start taking new orders again. Pretty much everything I still have in the way of orders at the moment just needs sanding, polishing, or sealing and they will be ready to go. I'm going to have to wait a few days before I can ship any new orders since somehow someone got my paypal debit card number and pretty much cleaned me out. So it will be at least a few days before paypal has that money back in the account. 

When I lowered my prices I was unprepared for the rush of orders that I received and that really caused me to get behind, but I doubt that will be a problem in the future. I think a lot of customers were either under the impression that it was a sale, or a short term thing. 

Chris Reynolds

Owner - BlowYourBrassOff.com - Maker of fine custom harmonicas

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