[Harp-L] My 2 hour video (was ballad harp vs sax)

From Bill Hines:

"I downloaded Ironman Mike Curtis' free real player video last week and
was playing it while I was getting some work done. I took an interest in
some of the songs he was doing so I wrote down the timestamps when they
appeared in case I wanted to go back and hear any again. If you download
this (caution, it's huge - 36M - so don't attempt without a high-speed
connection) and go to right around the 44 minute mark (this is a 2 hour
and 21 minute show!) you'll catch Harlem Nocturn. He introduces it as
his favorite sax song. Ironman does this show as a one-man band - he's
got a neck rack on for diatonic while playing electric guitar and also
bass via footpedals. He has a drum machine going also. It's pretty good,
lots of fun. Below is my index, I may have missed a few songs because I
was working while watching/listening to this. If you like it and get any
entertainment value, put a few bucks in his paypal e-tip jar out of

(Old website, no longer working due to no money)

"0 - Greasy Barbeque (instrumental)
11:00 - Jerry Springer Show
16:00 - instrumental Revelation
23:20 - Ring of Fire
28:45 - all my wine is gone
39:45 - Rogaine (Cocaine)
44:00 - harlem nocturne (sax song)
50:15 - andy griffith song
51:00 - gilligan's island
52:00 - sixty minute man
1:03:00 - Comfortably Numb
1:16:30 - You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three
1:29:30 - doggin' me around
1:42:00 - pepper headed woman
? -educated fool
1:54:30 - sing like elvis
1:59:00 - don't let the sun go down on me"


I'm on disability-social security ($500 per month), and can no longer afford a website, but I would like very much to make this freely available. (A few bucks to my Paypal account would be VERY much appreciated, but not required) It's an old webcast (for 56k). The video is poor but usable. The sound is pretty good. The show is just me, live, solo, vocals, racked Lee Oskar partially valved (1-6 draw, 7-10 blow) C major diatonic harmonica (which I play chromatically, in all keys), guitar, organ bass pedals (all 100% live), with a programmable Alesis SR-16 drum machine. It's 36 meg, not bad for 2-1/3 hours. Does anyone have room and bandwidth for this? I'll eventually add notes. No secrets - it's all on C major diatonic, standard E (spanish tuning) guitar, and 1 octave (C-C) organ bass pedals (Roland PK-5, Korg X5DR sound module with a few custom patches).

I'm able to play three instruments by mastering each one individually, then combining two, then add simple bass pedals. With time, your bass patterns will improve, and mistakes will get fewer. No secrets - just a LOT of work. Stick to it until you've got it right. Expect a lot of muffs at first. It's OK. You're building confidence.

I'm very comfortable playing ballads on harmonica. You need a big, full, even tone on all notes, good solid expression, and variety.. In short, you need to emulate saxophone. A few subtle effects are nice, such as a pitch shifter (for octaves), a Leslie emulator (or a real Leslie - I'm building a rotary horn, mostly for my Roland GR33 guitar synth), etc. Don't overdo it. Just a hint, once or twice a night. Use your tone and vibrato.

Thanks in advance.

-Mike Curtis

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