[Harp-L] Honey tone

Surprised by the usefulness of that amp. I got it on sale for fourteen bucks a few weeks ago. 

Sounds horrid for guitar but it is pretty great for busking on the cheap. Sounds decent for harp. Not fantastic or anything but passable to good for what it is. 

I actually keep mine in the car for parking lot practice sessions.  Also great for practice when a real amp would annoy neighbors. 

Obviously the range of projection is minuscule which works out to make it fill a role.  

On a semi related note.  The vht Special 6 is pretty amazing for the money. Half the price of a blues jr and 10x the tone for harp in stock form. Mod it a bit and it holds it's own amongst tons of great low watt amps.  I got one the other day and it just blew away the other amps in the price range. 

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