[Harp-L] Subject: Re: Instrument strap for a Melodion

Just want to give a heads-up about this great guitar accessory EBay  
Seller: guitarworksinc since so many people play both harmonicas and guitars  (and 
now Melodions)...
and this is the exact strap I purchased:
While I enjoyed playing my new Hammond 44 (Melodion), I realized I needed  
some kind of cross body strap in order to make it more comfortable for my  
personal style. Someone suggested a guitar strap might work so I began  
looking online.
 Found THE perfect brown suede strap (wide and very comfortable) from  the 
above Seller. We corresponded first and he assured  me that the one I'd 
chosen would work for my instrument since I  knew nothing about guitar straps. 
It was perfect and I got many compliments and  comments on the quality of the 
strap - which cost less than $20.
Nice people, great customer service, prompt attention to any questions and  
shipping quickly enough for me to get it before the recent Garden  State 
Festival. Highly recommended from a very satisfied customer.

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