Subject: [Harp-L] Re: soundproofing an interior room - another idea

Hi Larry:
I noticed that too - but only if you scanned 'one' of the ways it showed up 
 on harp-l.  Try the other one - it works fine. Make sure not to  include 
the _ before and after...
Thanks for pointing it out so I could clarify this for others who may have  
run into the same problem. :)
I've now decided to make it into a Tiny url - ergo:
_ ( 

which should help as well. 

PS: I'm sending it directly to you to post, if you'd like? - since I get  
the list in digest form and my posts don't show up in a very timely  
fashion...there are only 6 hours left in case anyone might  be interested in this...
Oops, the link says: This listing (3103625271) has been removed, or this 
item  is not available.

Lockjaw Larry
Breathing Music daily"

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