[Harp-L] Saturday and Sunday nights in Chicago

   Probably too late for the guy that requested live harmonica music sites
in Chicago this weekend but anybody on this list visiting the city ought to
take a peek at Joe Filisko's weekly harp class newsletter:
http://www.youmissedmonday.com/ first.  Click on the live music tab and
everything is laid out for you.  Maury Sochat and the Special 20's at Smoke
Daddy's would be my choice Saturday night.  Nice band and I hear the
barbecue is very good.  And I believe the Sunday afternoon jam at Jimmy's
Woodlawn Tap in the Hyde Park neighborhood is still going on.  Jam starts
at 4:00pm and is run by Scott Dirks and Dave Waldman, two fine blues
harpists.  But definitely call first to confirm and make sure you have good
directions; it's easy to wind up in a nasty neighborhood if you don't know
where you're going.

Mick Zaklan

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