Re: [Harp-L] Bob Cohen and Warren Bee for SPAH President and VP

Bob Cohen wrote:
<It's official. I am running for SPAH president. My Vice Presidential running mate is none other than our very <own Warren "Bee" the unofficial Ambassador of the Harmonica.
<Warren and I have a deep and abiding love for the organization, its members, and for its traditions. Indeed, if <we win the election, there are no plans to change the convention format. And, everyone on the current board has <been offered a role in our administration.
<However, we believe the status quo with its convention-centric view of SPAH leaves 51 weeks of harmonica loving <on the table, untouched. There are millions of harmonicas are out there in the hands of countless people, yet <SPAH have only 800 members and no concrete plans to change that.
<Warren and I want to build on the success of the last 50 years and make SPAH a 52-week a year organization which <can be enjoyed by many people instead of just the fortunate few who can take off a week from work and drop a <$1000 to go to the convention.

This is an interesting approach, and I'd like to hear more.  Along those lines, is anyone planning to make the platforms and positions of the candidates available for discussion and comparison on  Would really be helpful to the voters.

Thanks, Richard Hunter

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