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Sounds like "Born in Chicago"....,-)
I say go for it Mike!!! Have fun

Rob P
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The band I'm in, The Humblers, is putting out it's first cd later this  
month.  It's a mix of original and cover songs centered around blues  
to come out of the 1960's.

My band mates wanted me to include a certain song on the cd that I   
originally objected to since it's a blues harp anthem. It is also the  
only song I sing on
the cd. I'm the weakest singer in the band. I figured if we were going  
to record it I'll put my own take on the song rather then trying to  
play a poor ass rendition of the original.  AFAIK only the original  
harp player recorded it.

I'll give you a hint.  Little Walter never performed it.  It is  
recommended to "Play it Loud". :)

It's on my website at

Michael Easton

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