[Harp-L] Gazell Method Diatonics now in Stock!

Fellow Harmonica enthusiasts,

The Seydel 1847 Silver, (the one I use) and the Seydel Session Steel are now
available in the Gazell Method as "in stock models." This means no wait time
to fill the order.   They are currently available in the following keys:
Ab, A, Bb, C, Db, D, Eb, F & G.

All other Keys, including Low C through Low F#, plus B & E will be available

The Gazell Method means your diatonic will be half-valved with the same
material I researched, suggested to Seydel, and use in my instruments. In
addition, the reeds will be shaped and gapped like my harmonicas, to best
accommodate half-valved playing. I personally check any Gazell Method
diatonic that you order from me.  Your instruments will be shipped to you
directly after I inspect them.

To place your order and take advantage of Special Holiday Pricing good
through December 31st, please visit:


Also check out the video clip where I explain half valving, and download the
free PDF which shows the note layout for half valved diatonic in Richter



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