Subject: [Harp-L] Harp-L Compilations - a different approach

Ken Deifik writes:
"So the idea of a Harp-l YouTube channel is smack-on. We've been uploading  
our tracks there and telling each other about them for a long time now. A  
channel would be a fun - though fairly meaningless - way to pull our 
material  together."
Ken: Slidemeister's already been doing this - Having a YouTube  
Slidemeister channel specifically because the head Slidemeister wanted OUR  music (the 
people who belonged to the website) to have a specific place to  view/listen 
to our own chromatic music and that of our fellow members, and  he handles 
the uploads as far as I know. Been going on for a few months now. And  yeah, 
it includes people of the level of SmoJoe, Phil Caltabellotta and Robert  
Bonfiglio although anyone who feels their work is quality can submit a video  
through the website.
 Must be chromatic at this stage although Slidemeister itself does  have 
areas for discussion of diatonics on the website (most chromatic  players do 
play diatonics as well - 
(  ).  Perhaps later the YouTube site will be expanded to 
include a separate area for  diatonic playing members but since the purpose of 
SLIDEmeister is especially for  chromatics I'm unsure. The YouTube site is 
working well so far...I've gotten  email notifications each time a new video 
is uploaded.
PS:  AJ (Fedor) also did a couple of CD compilations a couple of years  
ago. Received the submissions, put them on the CD's, sent them out to those  
who'd paid, no muss, no fuss. I have both - they might still be available from 
 him. As with other CD's where there are a few tracks I'm not entirely 
thrilled  with, it's easy enough to reburn my own compilations via computer (in 
fact what  I travel with to conventions to play 'over' is my own 2-cd 
compilation I put  together that way and have added the same compilation to my 
IPod in case the  sound engineer has either/or system). 
PPS: Separately (and slightly unrelated) I bought a TEAC device with  which 
I can dupe entire DVD's sans computer. However it's in constant use trying  
to catch up to all those I've done for the past several conventions. At  
this rate seems I'll never catch up. I took on the personal decision  to send 
dupes to individual harmonica artists a long time ago but due to  
injury/illness and other unforeseeable problems - mostly time-related, have  quite 
fallen behind.

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