[Harp-L] HarpL website

Google sites (free) would be an option, as would a few other blog sites
like wordpress.  I bet one could even make a reverbnation page for Harp-L
compilations.  I am technically savvy enough to be able to do this if no
one else volunteers.

A quick, simple, and totally free method would be to zip all the files and
upload to a site like megaupload.com and then that file can be downloaded
free as many times as anyone wants...just give them the link.


Drew MacFadyen

but I'd prefer somebody help me load these things onto
a webpage so that people could just download them (perhaps as .zip
files) rather than me having to burn CDs and mail the CDs to them.   (I
should warn you that even my master copy of Harp-L IV has some skips and
sound problems, but you can still enjoy most of the music.)

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