[Harp-L] Re: Cable Free!

Awesome!  Wireless is the best - I go wireless for vocals too now.
One HUGE benefit is that you can go FOH to hear the mix and your tone.

On Aug 31, 7:30 pm, Garry <h...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 08/31/2011 08:01 AM, W B wrote:
> > FREEDOM is a
> > wonderful thing to have when closed eyed and wandering the performance
> > area.
> aside from the freedom of not tripping over cables, one very practical
> advantage is that you can walk around the room and hear what you sound like.
> i make it a point when i'm setting up to walk around the place and blow
> a little.
> this accomplishes two things.  first, i can check the volume and the
> sound and
> make adjustments as needed.  second, and perhaps more importantly, i can
> smile at the cute bartender, nod at patrons who look up when they hear me,
> talk to the ones who ask me about what i'm playing, and generally announce
> my presence and establish rapport with the crowd.
> then, when the music starts, they're already primed to hear harp, they know
> where/who it's coming from, and (hopefully) they want to hear more.  plus,
> it's a confidence boost for me, and gets me psyched to play.
> win/win.
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> but we make a life from what we give.
> - Kathy Moser

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