[Harp-L] Digitech no longer supported in Mac OS Lion

There are a multitude of workarounds Larry.  Many companies elect not to
support Mac OS for a variety of reasons - usually, the development costs
outweigh the value of working natively in Mac OS....because Mac's still
only make up about 6-7% of total computer users.

You can run any number of PC emulators like Parallels, virtual PC and
others.  Many will require your Mac to have one of the Intel chipsets and
processors.  All Mac's after 2008 included the Intel chipset.  Some
require that you reboot your computer and start up in "PC" mode.  I
believe Apple even offers some utilities free to do this...but then you
would need to buy a version of the microsoft operating system.  All you
would need to do is install the emulators and OS and then boot your
computer in PC mode and run the program to move your effects around.  If
digitech supports Ubuntu (Linux) that might be an option also, and is free
and open source.  I also believe Apple will let you run multiple OS
versions, perhaps search the forums a bit on how to enable your machine to
run in older versions of the OS that are compatible with Digitech.

I know this last suggestion is silly, but you could always bring the pedal
and software to a friend's house or any location that has PC's for

I just received very distressing news from Digitech stating they will not
support Apple's new operating system, Lion.  Now my new RP355 won't
connect on my computer.  Now what do I do with Richard Hunters patches?
Harmonica enjoyment just declined a few notes.  See complete information
Lockjaw Larry
Breathing Music without Digitech daily


Drew MacFadyen

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