[Harp-L] Honeyboy

I was wondering why I have not heard from my lifetime friend and guitar duo 
 partner, Rocky Lawrence. Rocky was Honeyboy's partner for past several 
years,  and while himself being a guitar master and Robert Johnson 
perfectionist,  happily played the strong back up to Honeyboy's legendary sound and 
tradition.  They had canceled several tours this year, as Honeyboy fell ill; 
however his  soft voice, humility and affection for the tradition of real 
blues, will  stay with Rocky and I forever. The duo of Rocky and I at Black Eyed 
Sally's  when I was playing the Cruncher, even though I had just gotten over 
another  battle and knew I was not my best, was an honor as it was the last 
time I played  with and saw Honeyboy David Edwards. He lived a long life, 
did what he  loved until his ending days, and will certainly rest in peace. 
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