Re: [Harp-L] Honeyboy Edwards + Johnny Shines + Walter Horton

I dug that.
Listening to this kind of thing is like watching a man dig a hole. 
There is nothing 'clever' or flashy about it, but it seems to have a purpose ;
a true sense of a feeling, an idea or sentiment to be expressed, a job to be done.
It's probably an easier path to find if you have grown up in a musical tradition; maybe you are
on the road already, and, like a man with a wheelbarrow, the job is in front of you.
But it's worth thinking about, at least as much as custom instruments,tunings,  special effects, gear, and,
dare I say it, technique (Guilty, your Honour, on all counts)

>>> Peter Madcat Ruth <madcat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 31/08/2011 11:52 >>>
David Honeyboy Edwards passed away yesterday...

Here's a link to a video of Honeyboy Edwards + Johnny Shines + Walter Horton: 

Peter Madcat Ruth
Musician - Grammy Award Winner

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