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 Hey, just to validate John Kally as an honorable list member and someone you would want to do business with, I have traded around with John in the past and found him to be a man of his word.  If you are letting the unknowns in Internet commerce stop you from working a deal with him, forge ahead with confidence.




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Hi guys,
I decided it's time to do a little clearing out of stuff that I no longer use.  
In fact, I've been thinking about putting up a whole list for about a year but  
I always run out of steam before I get that far.  So, here's a few and maybe 
more to come later on. Email for details as I don't want to take up too much 
space,  and these are all OBO (and mostly less than what I'm into them for)  I 
guess but for now:
1. Brendan Power Extended Richter CX-12 with the added button lever and metal 
plates in the shell: $275 shipped (continental USA), hardly any playing time and 
this was pretty expensive new.
2. 1968 Fender Princeton (Non-reverb): like the amp Walter Horton used after he 
replaced his BF Princeton,  $600 Shipped continental US  
3. 1964 Fender Concert: with Weber ceramics (H-capped) and an Axiom output 
transformer, repro baffle,  3 prong cord: $750 plus ship , big and loud
4. Harpgear 1:  cute little tweed champ-like  amp in great shape I got from 
another listmember, but don't use it enough to merit keeping it around, $500 
5.  1953 or 4 (I forget), Fender Champion 600 amp. This is the last version, 
tweed, and has been recapped, speaker reckoned, sounds great but the original 
tweed is kind of rough, $625 shipped
That's all for now.  And no, I'm not getting out of playing (right now my 1963 
Fender Super and my 1955 Super seem to be getting me by OK, and I have "a few" 
others laying around).  I can send pics, details, maybe sound samples if needed. 
On the amps it may take a couple of days to ship them out as i am pretty careful 
about packing. 


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