[Harp-L] For Sale, 2 specialty LO harps

Two Lee Oskar harps for sale that I tuned up special.

1) Lee's "blues" tuning, not available for sale, but heard in his Rod
 video. Tuned ET @441

2) 3rdP Special: G plates, with first octave re-tuned to 3rdP like mid
octave. This is a dedicated 3rdP harp in A minor. Tuned JI @ 441

One harp $35 + $5 Shipping US
Both for $60 + $5 shipping US.
Guaranteed 30 days. Some conditions apply.
Photos and Note layout charts available even before you buy.

Robert Hale
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Low Rates, High Results
DUKEofWAIL.com <http://www.dukeofwail.com/>
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